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Special Projects


(Public Sector)

Multi-Media On-Board (MMOB)System Services (VESL)

  • Vehicle Engineering Services Limited (VESL) and its predecessor, AEL, has been appointed by KMB as the main contractor since 2001 to design, supply, install and maintain the multi-media on-board (MMOB) system in double-deck buses and other public light buses. There are accumulated with 6 years of experience in maintaining the MMOB system for a fleet of 4,000 double-deck and public light buses on the road to achieve system availability of nearly 99%.
  • Our 24 hours a day, 7 days a week non-stop operations and service team can cater for any off-peak maintenance and repair schedules with a view to minimize the downtime of buses.
  • VESL is equipped with a tailor-made ¡§MMOB Management Information System¡¨ to closely monitor day-in day-out MMOB repair and maintenance operations and generate various statistical reports such as system availability, response time, repair duration etc. for management review and immediate actions for keeping MMOB system availability and performance meeting customer's requirements.
  • VESL has stocked sufficient amount of phase-out and rare MMOB spare components as service buffer for immediate swap with defective components during daily operations in order to minimize the parts awaiting and sourcing time and it is a very important factor to guarantee the system availability.
  • In the years 2001 and 2003, we were appointed by KMB/RoadShow as the main contractor for the Phase II, Phase III and Phase IV MMOB installation Projects to design and install MMOB systems on 3,875 KMB/CTB double deckers and 200 public light buses.
  • Being involved in the initial system design, installation and a number of modification campaigns held later on, we have maintained a comprehensive and up-to-date knowledge base of the system specifications across the KMB fleet. Specifically, we are very familiar with the characteristics of MMOB in different phases, unique features of different bus types, precautions necessary in dealing with systems on different bus types, etc.
  • In cooperation with RoadShow, we have installed Mainland China is first MMOB unit for Chengdu Public Transportation Group. The system installed in Chengdu was differentiated from the one in Hong Kong in that a 60GB hard disk was used to replace VCDs as the medium for storing the media content.
Scope of Service
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Corrective & Breakdown Repair
  • Technical Advices in Support of MMOB Operations
  • Maintenance of Service History & Important Data
  • Check & Regulation of Quality Audio Outputs, etc

Service Team
  • A experienced maintenance operation team consists of 50 core members will be continued to take charge of the execution of the MMOB maintenance programme and the number of members can be adjusted as the need arises. More than 100 mobile workforce are available in our headquarter workshop to be mobilized during peak demand period.
  • Besides, we would like to stress that the seniority of our service team members are well over 10 years or more due to our well-structured employment scheme and they are totally committed in our continuously-operated public vehicle repair and airport equipment repair business and none of our team members has joined another competitor for MMOB service. In other words, we are a very specialized and experienced expert in KMB MMOB system repair and maintenance service in Hong Kong. No other competitor can provide the same high standard service and specialist for MMOB system in terms of workforce experience, rare spare parts availability (like buffer of phased-out LCD monitor, VCD and other electronic components) and technical know-how.
  • In addition, our headquarter workshop in Chek Lap Kok airport operates on a 24-hour a day and 365 days a year basis in providing on-site repair and maintenance services to MMOB system on buses at various KMB bus depots and parking location in Hong Kong.

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