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Workshop Facilities

Workshop Facilities

  • GSEL/VESL built a 20,000 square meter workshop with advance maintenance technology located at the south-eastern part of CLK.

Opening Hours
  • Open 365 days a year, Monday to Sunday (00:00 to 24:00)

Features of the workshop are listed as follows:
     Site area :
     Gross floor area :
     No. of maintenance bays :
     No. of paint booths :
     Area for non-powered equipment maintenance :
     Area for Parts Store :  
     No. of washing pits :
     No. of automatic vehicle cleaning units :
     No. of fully equipped inspection lines :
     No. of staging positions :
19,920 square meter
12,918 square meter
1,296 square meter
288 square meter

Automatic Vehicle Cleaning Unit Paint Booths
Automatic Vehicle Cleaning Unit Paint Booths
Lubrication & Washing Pits Inspection Pits, Brake Testers and check-wear machine
Lubrication & Washing Pits Inspection Pits, Brake Testers and check-wear machine
Brake Testers A View of Workshop & Reception
Brake Testers A View of Workshop & Reception

  • 25% of the maintenance bays are large bays for buses/large-sized vehicles and can be flexibly converted to smaller maintenance bays for trucks and vans which would give a total of 133 maintenance bays.
  • Assuming a 10% maintenance float, the workshop has capacity for fleets of 1,330 ground support equipment/vehicles and 4,000 non-powered equipment.
  • 45 % of the paint booths are designed for super large equipment such as main deck loaders, apron buses and double decker buses.
  • All the 200 plus managerial and technical staff of GSEL are fully qualified in the vehicle maintenance industry and our internal training system continues to train up young mechanics and GSEL has constantly been a major intake of apprentices of automobile engineering from the Vocational Training Centres.
  • The average seniority of our technical staff is well over 15 years and they are therefore not only technically very experienced with all the airport equipment and vehicles and are also extremely conversant with all aspects of statutory procedures and regulations.
  • GSEL/VESL has well documented and well proven internal training system for safety and security as well as internal trade tests to ensure that skill levels are maintained and updated to latest requirements and standards.

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